Quality Control Standards & Processes

QC Plan

HHCI developed its construction and design build Quality Control systems based upon the standards and processes of:

  • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (3 Phases of Control process)
  • ASTM Specifications
  • U.S. DoD standards for Quality Control programs
  • Code of Federal Regulations for Safety
  • Design Quality Control Plan & Quality Control Plan Guidelines/Regulations
  • Architectural & Engineering Design Quality Control Guidelines, and
  • The Construction Industry’s Quality Control Best Practices
The following methods are employed in support of Quality Control operations:

  • Sage 100 Contractor Project control for reliability of adjusted resources and completions
  • Definable Features of Work identification for specific QC procedures per task
  • 3 phases of control system (including subcontractors and suppliers)
  • Mandatory QC status reporting and meetings to identify potential problems early
  • Design Quality Control process to include design reviews at various percentages of completions
  • Pre-final and punch list inspections

HHCI’s quality control and safety programs establish the foundation for maintaining quality throughout all of our contracts.